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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase my flowers?

Normally, yes. But because of the shutdowns across the US during this spring of 2020, we have limited access to supplies. For this brief time period, we are only renting flowers so that we might be able to help the many couples who are rescheduling and re-planning weddings for summer and fall.

Can I mix and match from the Collections?

Yes! Each element is available independent of the collection.

Can I customize a collection to add a certain flower or color? 

We are currently not customizing collection pieces, but we do plan on returning to customizing soon. If your wedding is in 2021, drop us a note and we will let you know if we can accommodate your color choices.

How will my flowers arrive?

Currently, we offer delivery on Thursday for weekend weddings. We will deliver to your chosen address in the Metro Detroit Area for no additional charge. The flowers will arrive packed carefully, and with all the supplies you will need to return them safely. It should be very easy to transport your flowers to your event, and to re-pack and return them to us when we return to your scheduled pick up location Monday.

Do the flowers look real?

Our pictures and videos hardly do justice, we choose nothing but the highest quality, and we design with variety, texture and as many unique stems as possible to create truly stunning designs. All of the pictures on our website are our own, shot at real events, no stock photography for us!

What if I lose the flowers, or they are damaged?

We will ask that you reimburse us for any lost, damaged or unreturned flowers. We will charge the replacement price of 2 times the rental price. For example = Bouquet rental is $50.00. If we need to replace it, we would charge an additional 100.00. Our bouquet is retail valued at $150.00.